Precision machining

Based on the documentation of the customer the production plant of "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada for production of extraordinary parts, tools and assemblies, manufactures certain products for the purpose of research and development centres of the automobile industry. The company is trying to year after year, meet the growing needs of business partners and fulfil their expectations and requirements. Consequently, the technique and technology is of high-level, the company has a wide range of technological spectrum and professional human resource. Production activity of the company has been complemented by the following services: organizing the transport of the products according to the requirements of customers, repair of tools, replacement of spare parts as well as the machining of the tools of large dimensions. On request of the customer, based on the documentation of the customer, the company "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada, beside its regular activity, accepts completion, revision and enhancement of production documentation, if this is justified, in the course of production preparation or in the course of the manufacturing process.
The company "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada bears in mind that the developing branch of the automobile industry requires high technical and technological development, high quality, short delivery terms, accuracy and speed. Therefore, we strive to be not only suppliers but also strategic partners for our customers.

Agricultural implements and spare parts

In 1992. Termometal l.t.d. Ada have started the production of agricultural machines and parts.

With constant investments in our production process, modernization of our equipmet and technological capacities we have built a stable and quality production of agricultural implements: rotary mowers, hay rake, tractor tillers and different spare parts for agricultural machines.

From the very beggining the main goal of our business was to provide quality products to our cuctomers. The confirmation of our success, besides many awards recieved for the quality of our products are our regular customers whose trust we constantly strive to justify. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicans are always ready to respond even to the most demanding and complex customers request.

  • Precision machining

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  • Agricultural implements and spare parts

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