About us

"Termometal" l.t.d. Ada company has more than 30 years of experience in machining. It began working in 1986 as a workshop for heat treatment. Thanks to the dynamic development, it soon grew from the craft store into a company and began to expand its activities. In 1992, in addition to heat treatment, it launched its own program of machining and in 1994 it started producing spare parts and components for power transmission and gear boxes for trucks of Slovenian production. Since 1996, the company "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada has started production of spare parts and later complete auxiliary machinery for agriculture, the program it has kept to this day.

Thanks to the successful operation and recognition of the fact that it is necessary constantly to modernize the machinery and equipment, since 2002 the basis for the development of "Termometal” l.t.d. Ada has been the production of spare parts, components and assemblies for the needs of research and development centres of the automobile industry. Since 2014 it has further expanded its product range with the production of special tools, production moulds for casting non-ferrous metals with the emphasis on moulds for casting aluminium.

These activities have resulted in the continuous technical and technological development and continuous expanding of the product spectrum. Since the manufacturing program requires a highly qualified workforce, the company regularly provides its employees retraining and training.
One of the basic principles of "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada is to promote good working relationships with business partners, continuous recognition of their requirements and needs, monitoring and adapting with the aim of achieving common interests.

Company "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada is able to constantly renew and expand, and to constantly increase the level of complexity of their products and dimensions of machining.

  • Precision machining

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  • Agricultural implements and spare parts

  • Doša Andraša 39A
    24430 ADA Vojvodina, Srbija
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