Given that the development branch of the automobile industry requires high technical and technological development, accuracy, speed and high quality, it is therefore necessary for "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada to have adequate human resources. With this in mind, our company invests a lot in vocational training, retraining and advanced training of its employees.

Vocational education

Company "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada provides an opportunity for vocational education of computerized machine operators and programmers. Vocational training is conducted according to the type of processing or according to the type of machine operation. At the same time, within the company, there is a possibility to participate in the “CAM” training.


Organized by "Termometal” l.t.d. Ada there is the option for retraining of those employees who would like to get a job in the company when there is no job that matches their qualifications, as well as for those being open and sufficiently ambitious and motivated to learn new trade. The first program of retraining in "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada was launched in 2014 and since then it has been very popular. The course of retraining consists of practical and theoretical training. Applicants, as associates of our company, begin to acquire the necessary skills in practice but they are also required to attend a certain number of hours of theoretical training. Retraining is completed by passing test after which the candidates who have acquired the necessary skills have a chance to become permanent associates of our company.


Constant technical and technological development requires continuous training, development, expansion of knowledge and professionalism of human resources. In accordance with these requirements, developers and operators of computerized machines have the possibility to specialize acquiring the necessary skills for a better and faster job performance.

Dual education

The growing need of "TERMOMETAL" l.t.d. Ada for labour and the fact that the developing branch of the automobile industry requires special knowledge and skills, while at the same time the labour market, in rare cases, provides human resources capable of without retraining or additional training carry out technical and technological tasks at satisfactory level, made our company find an adequate solution for finding the workforce. So, in 2005 the company started with training or with additional training of CNC operators and programmers in cooperation with the Technical School in Ada recognizing that the competencies which are necessary for the successful execution of the tasks can not only be acquired in schools as the part of formal institutional education but a large part of the competencies can be learned on the spot. In this way "TERMOMETAL" l.t.d. Ada recognized the need for participation in the dual education knowing that the success of the company, among other things, depends on the quality of human resources.

During the practical training of pupils with the help of their mentors, in addition to being introduced to the theoretical part of the production, machines, devices and equipment, and imparting techniques and technologies, they gain real and substantiated knowledge. Pupils participating in dual education gain the basic skills which enable them to carry out their daily tasks and have the possibility of further education while through training acquire professional knowledge which is in accordance with the requirements of "Termometal” l.t.d. Ada. Further advantages of dual education are reflected in the fact that pupils, during the time they spend in the company, get to know the culture, rules and regulations and adapt to company work environment. Pupils who meet the requirements and meet the criteria have a chance to get permanent job in "Termometal" l.t.d. Ada.

Pupils who wish to participate in the dual education must have adequate knowledge in certain subjects, such as mathematics, information technologies and vocational subjects. Furthermore, they should have appropriate competences: desire to learn, adaptability, motivation, persistence, responsibility, be a team player, capable of solving problems, tolerate stressful situations, respectful, creative, loyal.

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